Managing Risk to Achieve Optimal ROI
Identifying potential mitigations to capitalize on CRM opportunities

As financial firms face an ever changing client landscape, they must also pay attention and act on a wide variety of risks to remain resilient and profitable. Mitigating such a wide range of risks requires having a connected view of your proprietary data, interactions, and market data to uncover the true insights and intelligence to inform your most profitable next steps. It’s critical that firms be agile enough to quickly generate critical insights, consumption reporting to their clients, and be prepared to respond quickly to changes in regulation.

How thoroughly are you assessing risk? Relationship risk, revenue risk and regulatory risk all impact your bottom line. What active ingredients must firms include in their quest to identify, manage, and mitigate all these risks? 

Manish Patel, COO of CRM at Tier1 Financial Solutions, and Vaughn Harvey, Managing Director, Head of CRM, Analytics & Digitalization at Jefferies, discussed specific insights on how mitigating risk helps to achieve optimal ROI.

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